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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

not familiar

yesterday n today is d worst day
2 me in kmns.....
i'm d new student 2 my new praktikum
i cant hangout together with them
maybe we are still new
1st n 2nd day
i'm miss my ex praktikum's mate a lot
n just now
i have english class
it's bad...
i'm late n
my teacher's face scared of me..
she very strict n i dont like her way...
n i cant said in malay one words pun...
i not realy good in english
but i like speak in english...
n my new praktikum not same like my former praktikum mate..
i can get along with them
but 2 my new prak
it's different
like we have a big gap..
i hope we can have a sweet time together soon..
i hope....
but wat ever happen
i still love my ex praktikum..
dila,ain,kak mary,kak ika,lela,sum,farisya,azura,teha,syasya,fiza,nora
dun not forget me
remember me always in your heart...

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