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Thursday, September 13, 2012

kancil part 2

Okay aku sambung cita aku yg part 1 punye,,
Yang ari tu aku cite smpai abg ipar aku anta
kete ayah kt kwn die yg nk beli
Tp unfortunately,,his friend x jd nk beli.
Wt pnt je tunggu..
Tuptup tak jadi plak,bengang tol aku rase
Then ayah ckp gune je la kete die,
Just cantikkn je la
Tp aku taknak,aku nk kete kecik je
Sbb x brani la bwk kete besar,tak bese
After that,ayah tanye ngn abang leh x tolong carikn
kereta kancil secondhand n tlong byrkn dlu
Kalo nole yg cash punye,taknak hutang2
Then tiap ari aku tanya ngn abang,de tak kawan die nak jual
Tp malangnya takde,,
Susah nk jumpe kancil cash yg murah2..
Ktorg target 6000 ke bawah..
And until now..lom jumpe lg..
Aku da sdih gle ni sbb tkot tak jadi lg
Ckup la aku da berharap,kalo xdpt memg aku nangis la
Ehmmmmm ‎​!!..Ṁ̭̥̈̅̄ṁ̭̥̈̅̄н☀('.._..')☀нṁ̭̥̈̅̄Ṁ̭̥̈̅
Now,,cume dpt menunggu je.ade,ade la
Ok la smpai cni je cite kancil part 2..
T kalo da dpt,aku akn post tok kancil part 3..
whether ending cite ni hepi or sad(⌣́_⌣̀")..korg time je la ye

Sunday, September 2, 2012

si kancil part 1

Tak tau la nak cite camne but what I know is
I'm happy right now,,
I bet you all don't know
And I'm here to tell the truth behind
all the confusing statement in my twitter lately
I will tell the story from start to this moment I post
this story,,
Actually in ramadan,I see my secondary friend got a new car
that her parents buy for her
And actually I'm jelous,,
especially when I know her car is Suzuki swift
That is my dream car to be..and it is white!!
But I know and realise that I can't afford to buy it
My parents not so rich to buy it for me
And I have a big family,,
So I accept it with ikhlas and redha dgn ketentuan Illahi
So I plan what I can do to get a car without menyusahkan my parents
And then I got the answer,,
I realise I can't get a new car right now
The plan is: I just need a small car(secondhand car also can)
And I said to my dad about it,
My dad said,,"Tak boleh tunggu lagi 3 tahun ke?"
Why my dad said like that because in 3 years,he will get retired
and he will get his KWSP's money,so he can buy a cash car,
But I can't stand to long,
I want to use it now as a student..
Then I said to my dad,'its okay if
you don't have money but can
you sell your old car and then use that money to get a new secondhand car
Then he said it's ok if have someone to buy his car..
And after that day I know my plan will be success..INSYAALLAH
And 2 3 days after that,there are no improvement in my plan.
And suddenly the day after,my brother ask me about it
He ask how much the cost of that car because his friend seem to
like to buy it..
And my bother in law also said his friend also seem like to buy it.
And now that car have 2 clients that give so much interest on it
Several days after that,my brother in law ask me on the way to go to
my aunt's house..
"Nana,selain kereta kancil,taknak kereta lain ke?kwn abg ade nk jual
kereta saga aerobat,baru lg.taknak?"
Then I answer it "Taknak la,nk kereta kecil je mcm kancil.senang nak park t kalo kt uitm"
Actually I want it to be small because easier for me to handle it
I'm not so good on driving right now,
So if it a big car,maybe it is hard for me..
that night my brother in law said to my dad that he will take my dad's car
to his friend's workshop..
In tommorow morning,,my brother in law fix my dad's car to be brought to his friend's..
And just that my story,,
I know you all maybe tak puas hati with my story..the ending is hanging because
Memang sampai sini je improvement of my story..I'm still not know what the result to be.
I'll be patient to wait it so,you guys also need to be patient
to know the result,,
I will said the result of my KANCIL in the next posting..I hope you guys will wait it..
See you soon!!