Drippy Pointer

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


lately,,i see many type of person around me
who was so nice from start to the end
who change from bad to good or good to bad
who always make me laugh by doing cold joke
who make me comfortable around them
who make me feel akward when i'm with them
who have bad temper,,cannot make a joke with them"takut kena mrh"
who like to do work in last minute
who always try to be pretty or good in front of ppl
who pick their friends to be,,not get along with others
who think they always right
who think they are so good enough
who annoyed me
who like to tell her friends story about their boyfriend in high volume
so others can know the whole story of their boyfriend
girls who always like to talk about boy everyday
who when they are alone,they were so nice have bright smile but
when their friends around,they start to 'mencarut',,speak in high volume again
make everyone angry
who never respect others that want to sleep or pray
at least slow your voice la dik!!!!

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