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Friday, January 13, 2012

horrible feeling

Sometimes u will feel u live in this world alone..
Not because u r alone but there are people
juz take an easy on u,,
At first u don't care n don't want to alert
But it juz hurt ur feeling whenever u
memorize it in once,
u want cry hard but cant,
Why it become hard juz on u??
U want to throw out too but also can't
Every promise that jus made before is valueless.
It juz go on one side only,,no respond from others..
It hurt again..
Once u want to reveal everytime,,it juz stuck there
U juz be too nice.
They juz pretend to be nice but
In reality they r truely 'setan' in this world.
Look,,now I juz swear,,
Sometimes I feel that no body is truely nice.
Especially when u trust hard to them but they juz
break everything,,nothing less than ur own people
Don't give promise if u know that u can't keep it..
Last word,,go to hell yaaaa.. >:o

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